5 Important Facts About the Eggs You Probably Don’t Know

5 important facts about the eggs you probably don't know

Eggs are one of the most consumed foods by bodybuilders, as it is rich in protein. But he is not only important for that. Check this out!

Almost everyone knows that the egg is rich in protein and extremely important for those who train in pursuit of strength and muscle mass gain. But other than that, what else do you know? Because there are many more important nutritional facts about the egg that you probably don’t know – and should know.

Do you want to discover some important facts about the egg and definitely understand if it should be in your daily diet? Then see below:

Size matters

Many people think that the size of the egg does not matter, but this is not true, as the amount of nutrients among them varies. The nutrients are the same and the concentrations are very close, but the bigger the egg, the greater the amount of nutrients.

Same reason to consume 100g of chicken fillet and 200g, which will provide more calories, protein, carbohydrate, etc. Of course, the difference between a small egg and a medium one is small, but if you consume more eggs a day, it can affect your diet. Especially if you are on a more controlled diet.

Source of vitamin D

The main way to avoid vitamin D deficiency is through sun exposure, but some foods are a source of vitamin D and can help you. Since eggs are one of the few natural sources of vitamin D, introducing them into your diet can help prevent deficiencies. Just remember that the vitamin is present in the yolk.

Pasteurized eggs are healthy

It is possible to easily find pasteurized eggs that are sold in bottles. Many people believe that they are not recommended, as they are industrialized. But this is a big mistake.

These whites do not receive the addition of preservatives and other chemical additives, so it is not correct to say that they are not healthy. In addition, it is a practical and safe option for your day to day.

Fresh eggs have more nutrients

Eggs, like any other food, have an expiration date and this must be respected. Eggs stored at room temperature spoil faster. In addition, fresh eggs have a higher nutritional quality, as their nutrients are better preserved, as well as the consistency of the white and yolk.

To know if it is fresh, just put the egg in a cup or mug with water. If it floats, it’s not good. The fresh egg should go straight to the bottom of the container.

Can replace meat

Some people think that the egg serves as a side dish and not as the main source of protein. Eggs, like meats, have a good amount of protein and a protein of high biological value, that is, a complete protein, of quality, as it contains all essential amino acids.

In addition, it has several vitamins and minerals important for health and that can help those who train.

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