5 fruits that help with digestion – See what are they

4 fruits that help with digestion

Do you sometimes eat something that doesn’t go well, or does your gut not function on a regular basis? Rest assured, nature has the perfect remedies for you: fruits. Yes, some of them act directly on your digestive system, helping to optimize the digestion process and avoiding problems such as heartburn and gastritis. Follow the special list we have prepared for you.


Pear has fibers, which help to stimulate the production of substances in the stomach responsible for digestion. It also helps in regulating your bowel movements, which helps to prevent constipation.


Peeling this fruit is not an easy task, but it is worth it in many ways. In addition to the delicious taste, pineapple also facilitates digestion, but is indicated for eating after meals. Oh, and because it is rich in fiber it is a great ally of the diet, as the fruit increases the feeling of satiety.


This fruit is an old known for the intestine that does not work well, being considered the best option to facilitate digestion, in addition to having powerful antioxidant functions.


Famous for its laxative functions, this fruit is very suitable for those with constipation. Rich in antioxidants, it fights free radicals, which means that, among other things, it fights premature aging. In addition, it has a large amount of phosphorus, which is great for preventing weakness and brain weakness.


Very common fruit, the orange stimulates the release of gastric juice in the stomach, facilitating the digestion of food and reducing that bad feeling of weight that normally appears after heavy meals, so it is served together with hearty dishes, for example.

Now that you know some of the fruits that are good for digestion, we have another tip: make it a habit to eat them together with meals, either as dessert, so you will ensure that your diet is becoming more and more healthy.

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