Flu to high cholesterol – find out if garlic can help in these 6 conditions

garlic benefits

If you’re a fan of garlic, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s not just that it is a part of medicine that is popular as its health benefits have been proven in scientific studies.

It has compounds and phytochemicals sulfur and non-sulfur, which play a role in the control of total blood cholesterol, blood pressure, in addition to helping in the fight to viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Among these substances, there is allicin, which is responsible for the characteristic odor of the plant. Flavonoids, and the mineral selenium, with antioxidant, they are also found in the bulbs.

However, not all of the credit of the garlic have been proven by science. Here’s what are the benefits of garlic have been proven, and which continue to be studied more closely. It is worth noting that, in the case that the benefit of garlic is supported by the experiments of the scientists, and it should always be as an adjunct and should not replace the use of traditional treatments

Proven Benefits of Garlic


The daily and constant consumption of garlic has shown to decrease by between 10% and 15% of the cholesterol total and/or LDL, known as bad in adults. The mechanisms behind this effect are not fully understood, but it appears that it has been active in both the uptake of cholesterol in the intestine as well as in the synthesis of cholesterol in the organic one —the one that is produced by the liver and is responsible for the majority of the cholesterol circulating.

systematic review of more than 40 randomized controlled trials (the type of the study is robust compared with the effect of a drug with a placebo, and the groups know what they are taking), involving about 2,300 adults, demonstrated, and this effect is beneficial in those who have serum cholesterol levels slightly high, greater than 200 mg/dL.

The survey was conducted by the University of Adelaide, Australia, in July 2013, and published in the journal Nutrition Reviews. It is important to mention at this point (and all the others that we’ll talk about that later), the garlic is an adjunct and should not replace conventional treatments.

Garlic for Diabetes

The connection with the control of diabetes has been the subject of a systematic review in 2017, which is published in the journal of Food and Nutrition Research, researchers in China. The research, involving more than ten studies, which would give a daily dose from 0.05 g to 1.5 g. (one tooth is about 5 g’s to get an idea) of the add-on of garlic in diabetic patients and compare it with that of a placebo.

At the end of it, the garlic really had a positive impact on your glucose levels. With a difference of up to 10 mg/dL) after 12 weeks and after more than 20mgl/dL) at 24 weeks of supplementation. Apparently, it’s allicin and other compounds to enhance transport of glucose into cells, in addition to the decrease of the end-products of glycation, advanced proteins that lead to the complications of diabetes.

Blood pressure

Garlic is a vasodilator, it means that it can dilate the arteries, thus creating a sense of relaxation, which receives the frames from hypertension. In this condition, the blood vessels tend to be more “strained” at the time of contracting and relaxing, as it should be.

This effect is studied for a long time by mainstream science. A systematic review in 2015, to be published in a paper in The Journal of Clinical Hypertension, we evaluated 17 previous research has shown an average decrease of 3.75 mm hg in the systolic blood pressure in people with hypertension, and 3,39 mm hg in your diastolic reading. The status that has been observed with the supplementation of the plant in capsule, extract, and powders.

Another review conducted by the Cochrane library, an independent body that brings together all the scientific evidence, the most robust of health, says that garlic, in fact, it seems to lower blood pressure, but there is evidence enough to hit the hammer on the subject.

Garlic can improve the health of the heart

Its anti-oxidant action and can contribute to the health of the endothelium, the walls of the arteries. This is as much a part of cardio-vascular diseases are common and occur when particles of cholesterol in the blood to oxidize, a process referred to as stress – oxidative, and settle on the endothelium, forming the plates of the fats which lead to clogging.

review of the literature published in 2016), in the Journal of Nutrition showed that supplementation of up to 960 mg of the extract of garlic can reduce the markers of atherosclerosis (build-up of such plaques in the arteries).

Another important factor in the protection is the control of the platelet aggregation —the technical name for the formation of blood clots, which leads to blockages in the blood vessels. The studies in this field would weigh in favor of the garlic. In the second research, which is available also in the Journal of Nutrition, the statement of garlic aged has again been singled out as the most effective way.


This claim is very interesting. Studies have shown that garlic can reduce the risk of stomach cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, and up to the cervix of the uterus (womb). The assumption here is that the compounds with sulfur such as allicin to protect the DNA from damage that leads to the production of cancer cells.

Only it’s safe to say that most of the research in humans is observational —that is, to evaluate the usage of the garlic, and the incidence of cancer in the population, and to compare the two numbers.

In vitro studies demonstrate the activity of the compounds of garlic, on the cancer cells, but the research points out that, although promising, are lacking studies to better understand issues such as the mechanism of action of, and the size of the dose, and their interactions with other nutrients.

Or, you can’t put down that garlic prevents cancer, but it can also be beneficial inside of a balanced, healthy diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains in nature. In addition to the balanced diet, exercising regularly, not smoking, and drinking in moderation are the kinds of things that, officially, they decrease the risk of cancer.

Not proven benefits of garlic

Immune System

Some studies even indicate that it can improve the immune system‘s response to infections, but it is the most widely known effect is the same anti-microbial. A review of the Cochrane library said, in fact, that there is no evidence that garlic is able to prevent or cure colds and the flu.

That is, most likely, the relief that people feel when you make a tea with garlic for the cough, it comes from your action of a discrete anti-inflammatory, and against the micro-organisms that might be causing local irritation of the throat.

How to eat Garlic to get the benefits

Even though the research location relating to the add-on of garlic, which makes it easy to control the dosing of nutrients are present), the experts heard the report, agree that the consumption of a clove of garlic per day to about 5 g, it is enough to get at least some of these benefits.

That’s allicin is available, you need to mash, grind, or chop the garlic, and the idea is that it is to be eaten raw. Chop it and add at the end of the preparation, on salads, or in topical creams can help to disguise the strong flavor, a trick is to mix it in the sauce that you’ve added to the salad. And it is good to consume together with your meals so that your stomach does not get a chip on our shoulder.

Garlic can be hard to swallow for some people, and too much can lead to alterations in the clotting process, that has to be taken into account by those who are in the pre-and post-operative care. A threshold of what is considered safe to release fresh, raw, 10 g, about two cloves, or 4 to 6 grams of garlic powder.

With all of that said, it’s best to check with your health care provider if you supplement of garlic that is useful for you before you buy the pills on their own. And, finally, it is worth noting that the transformation of allicin and with the heat, it produces other sulfur compounds, with the potential of action in the body. So, you do not need to cut back on the garlic, stir-fried the traditional recipes of their home.

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