What is Health informatics and why it is a great tool for improving the quality of the service

health informatics

Health informatics is a tool applied to the information in order to make it faster and reliable. In the field of health care, the more rapid pace of data is being processed and stored, the more it comes a demand for professionals with multi-disciplinary skills, with an emphasis on the efficient use of the available tools and all of these are increasingly being incorporated in the health-care services.

An example of the integration of these services is the electronic record of the information of the patients in the hospital. This data enables the construction of systems of support to clinical decision-making, which, if properly constructed, contribute to the quality and safety of the patient, allowing standard actions, and thereby making the decision-making process more flexible and controlled.

The application of informatics, with a focus on optimizing the information you have collected, process the data of the patient and hospitals, which is designed to be used in the solution of problems in the context of care is called health informatics.

Information technology in health care has the professional expertise in the three basic components (technology, health, management), who work together in order to produce the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be a professional that ensures multi-disciplinary skills, to act between healthcare and informatics. Health Informatics is sub-divided into these competencies:

Information technology

  • The management of the information
  • Informatics


  1. Medical services and health care
  2. Health system


  1. The management of the project
  2. Management, organizational, and governmental
  3. Monitoring and evaluation

Even though we are going through a time of great advances in technology, there are a large number of professionals who are apprehensive about the benefits that computers could bring to their businesses, particularly in the area of healthcare. However, in spite of this fear, there is now a growing number of professionals, enabling health informatics, among whom we will name all the doctors and nurses.

The doctors who are enabling this are well-known as a medical tool for these practitioners to collaborate with other health care professionals, and those in the information technology, based on the experience in the care of the patient in conjunction with his expertise in information technology in health care to improve outcomes in patient health.

Health informatics is already happening

The attendant at the computer already uses systems in the computer, so it does not obstruct the flow of the work of the whole team, it is one of the reasons you could lead projects, information technology, health, and, in most cases, you are responsible for the training of other health professionals, it facilitates the interfacing between the system and the team. In addition to this, it is possible to conclude that the most the areas in which it works information technology in health care, the most developed it is in the area of actual health, which already has a number of studies that focus on the use of resources in the IT development of the is professional in the field.

In spite of a number of initiatives in relation to the use of information technology in health care, the professionals still need to explore more of the area in order for it to be used as a tool to aid in the quality of the services provided to the patient. An example of this improvement is that through the use of computational resources there is again that is related to time, bringing in greater availability of professionals in the care directly to the patient.

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