How to stay healthy at home? 15 tips for a sane self-isolation

How to stay healthy at home? 15 tips for a sane self-isolation

Quarantine or social isolation has changed the routine of many people around the world, with the aim of containing the progress of COVID-19. Many healthy habits had to be set aside, such as going to the gym, doing group sports, or eating at your favorite restaurant. However, the routine at home can be good for the body and mind, just make some adaptations and make this moment a process of learning and self-knowledge.

Check out the tips from some experts from around the world to stay healthy during quarantine:

Organize your routine

The first step in order not to get discouraged is to create a daily routine that can include waking up, exercising, cleaning the house, preparing meals, doing some manual work, etc. Organize your time so that it fills your day, whether cleaning the house, doing your home office or exercising. First of all, remember to schedule a time for your fun. Put on a song, dance and enjoy the moment.

Filter the news

You must have received a flood of information about the new coronavirus on social media. In addition to many of these contents being false, these excesses can cause stress by causing a mental state of constant alertness. Therefore, always prefer to be informed by official health channels, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and City Hall of your city.

Do meditation

Meditating brings a number of benefits such as reducing stress, improving sleep quality, cognitive functions and more. There are applications that guide how to perform the practice and also video content. So, just choose a quiet place in the house, put on comfortable clothes and get started.

Keep in touch with your friends and relatives

Video calls can lessen the loneliness of social isolation. Invite your friends, catch up and smile together. Mainly, also call your parents or grandparents, they feel even more lonely without visiting relatives.

Cook healthy food

This is the time to take care of yourself and your family, especially at meals. Invest in a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables, this can help increase immunity, improve mood and the functioning of the body as a whole. Avoid eating only sweets and processed foods during this period.

Practice exercises at home

There are several videos of gymnastics, yoga, zumba or other forms of interaction and movement. In addition, you can try some movements that strengthen the muscles like board, sit-ups and squats. You can also do jumping jacks or jump rope to keep your body moving. You can also check this out: Weight loss exercises: 4 workouts to do at home

Likewise, those who live in an apartment can enjoy going up and down stairs, it is a great strengthening exercise.

Learn how to play a new instrument – or practice one that you already know

Music can make anyone feel better. Maybe you have a guitar in your closet or you still have a beautiful voice that you never cultivated. There are several online tutorials that can help you with this improvement.

Just dance

Some online tutorials can help you with this task. Therefore, invite family members who live in your home to be your partners. Move around and create choreographies. In addition to doing good for the body, it will be great for your relationship.

Finish a puzzle

Maybe you have one saved there, or you can order to get a brand new one at your house. This is a great hobby that you can do without haste.

Review old photos

You’ve probably done some cool things in your life: getting married or traveling somewhere far away or getting ready for a party. And you probably took pictures of those things. So, take some time to look at them and remember those moments.

Read books

Reading helps you acquire new knowledge and travel to different worlds through your imagination. Maybe you even have books you bought and never read, this is the time to give them a chance!

Take online courses

There are several courses available that can be done at home, from cake decoration, how to master image editing programs, learn pounds, or something geared towards your career. Universities like Cambridge and Harvard even offer free courses.

Clean the house

Keeping the house clean and organized brings a feeling of comfort and well-being. So, take advantage of the quarantine to move in that room or wardrobe that needs to be organized, take out what you will no longer use for donation.

Do gardening

It can be in the backyard or in pots, growing plants are a therapy that bring well-being and a connection with nature. You can grow flowers, succulents or spices like parsley, chives or basil that will make your food even more tasty.

Do nothing

Don’t feel guilty if one day or another you just want to spend the day on the couch watching television or running a series. So taking a day off to rest your mind is also good for you.

And you, what have you been doing in the quarantine that is good for your health?

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