Top 12 IT Service Management Tools – Find the right ITSM software for your business

ITSM - IT Service Management Tool

As digital technology proliferates in organizations, IT service management has become a critical facet to serving the business, and tools designed to support your organization’s ITSM efforts are evolving to support these needs.

ITSM tools help organizations streamline customer service, often starting with the IT help desk. These product sets help IT departments maintain billing systems, create reports, and identify defects or failures in products and services. As the ITSM tools market grows, it becomes more difficult to identify the best product for your organization.

Here we present the top 12 ITSM tools to help you determine which best meet your organization’s service management needs, along with peer review ratings from Gartner PeerInsights .

Atlassian Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk is intuitive and easy to implement – ​​and for smaller organizations it can help meet simple requirements without becoming too complex for business users outside of IT. It’s easy to customize and can help streamline workflows – even in a nimble environment.

The Confluence add-on for Jira Service Desk uses Machine Learning to direct customers and employees to the right service through an online help center. Learn from each experience, so you can improve the recommendation of solutions to users. You can also access Jira Service Desk on a mobile device, making IT workers more productive.

  • Gartner PeerInsights : 4.2 stars
  • Target audience : smaller companies with less ITSM requirements
  • Notable features : Machine Learning services; user-friendly mobile version
  • Price : Accounts start at $10 a month for up to 10 users and $7 a month for 11 to 100 users. For more than 100 users you will need to get a personalized quote .

BMC Remedyforce

BMC Remedyforce provides incident, problem, change, and service level management, and also includes self-service, discovery, and asset management. You can configure and customize the system to deliver reports and manage specific IT issues. It also includes collaboration features that help IT staff work together to resolve issues faster.

BMC claims it offers “continuous twice-yearly upgrades” for Remedyforce, with no software or hardware to install or manage.

Remedyforce is built on Salesforce, so if your company already uses the platform, it’s a simple integration. However, if you’re not using Salesforce, Remedyforce might not be the best option unless you plan to start using Salesforce.

  • Gartner PeerInsights : 3.9 stars
  • Target audience : organizations with moderately complex ITSM needs, especially those that already use Salesforce
  • Notable Features : Highly integrated with Salesforce; automatic updates twice a year
  • Pricing : You can try Remedyforce for free for 30 days and then pay a monthly fee of $64 per user. Customized pricing is also offered for organizations with a high volume of users.

Cherwell Service Management

Cherwell touts its service management software as “a frictionless ITSM software for the modern business” with an easy-to-use and intuitive platform. It is a comprehensive service that focuses on ITIL support for IT departments that need to simplify IT management.

It’s easy to set up and customize for your organization, so you can use it quickly. It’s designed to grow with your needs, with the option to choose between subscription or perpetual pricing and on-premises or SaaS. You can also switch between services at any time, and Cherwell promises “no hidden or unforeseen costs – ever”.

  • Gartner PeerInsights rating : 4.2 stars
  • Target audience : small to medium organizations
  • Notable Features : Highly customizable interface with a focus on growth
  • Pricing : Cherwell offers pricing based on custom needs , so you will need to contact the company for your monthly fee.

Freshworks Freshservice

Freshwork’s Freshservice offers an intuitive and user-friendly platform – especially in the mobile app. Freshworks claims its ITSM software helps create a “standardized and sustainable approach” to issue management that also “enables easy collaboration between agents”. It helps companies isolate issues and find patterns across multiple incidents without disrupting the business.

For smaller organizations, Freshservice offers an easy solution that can be up and running quickly. It’s easy for IT professionals to navigate, so you don’t have to spend more time training employees on the platform. While not scalable as the business grows, it is a great choice for smaller IT teams looking to streamline service management.

  • Gartner PeerInsights : 4.4 stars
  • Target audience : small organizations and small IT departments
  • Notable features : simple multi-tiered pricing plans; friendly and easy to use interface
  • Pricing: Small team accounts start at a monthly fee of $19 per user and go up to $49 per user for growing teams, $79 per user for large teams, and $99 per user for businesses.

Ivanti Service Manager

Ivanti Service Manager is a cloud-based service that promises to help companies with everything from IT help desk support, ticketing to advanced ITIL service management processes. The software is simple and elegant, so it’s easy to navigate – it’s also designed to fit your business needs.

The software provides complex reports, provides real-time insights and helps the IT department automate processes for other departments. It comes with pre-defined workflows and ways to automate processes without coding, so IT won’t have to spend more time on redundant manual efforts.

  • Gartner PeerInsights : 4.0
  • Target Audience : Any organization that wants automation and a scalable service
  • Notable features : option for cloud-based or on-premises; elegant user interface; designed to scale
  • Price : Ivanti offers three subscription levels for Service Manager – help desk, service desk and service management. Each tier offers different features, but you will have to contact Ivanti for pricing.

Manage Engine Service Desk Plus

Manage Engine’s Service Desk Plus is more than a ticketing system – it offers services for managing incidents, problems, changes and assets. Allows you to publish your own custom service catalog, with custom SLAs as well. The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) service helps you visually track, manage, and analyze changes.

With Service Desk Plus you can create custom reports and real-time dashboards to gain insights. It also enables IT project management, so you can manage resources, track progress, and manage requests for any running IT metrics.

  • Gartner PeerInsights : 4.3 stars
  • Target audience : from small to large, but better suited for more complex IT environments
  • Outstanding features : services go beyond technical support; detailed reports; contract management features
  • Price : Standard accounts start at $10 per user/month for the standard plan, $21 per user/month for the professional plan, and $50 per user/month for the corporate plan. Each plan includes extra fees that will depend on how many technicians and us your company needs. There are also several add-ons for an additional price, so you can create a custom plan .

Samange Service Desk

Samange Service Desk is intuitive, simple and scalable – with regular updates, the product remains modern and flexible. As technology evolves, you will want your ITSM software to evolve with your organization’s digital needs.

The cloud-based service helps companies simplify and automate service desk requests within the organization so employees can quickly resolve technical issues. The software is designed to integrate with ITIL, so if you are already using ITIL it will be an easy transition.

  • Gartner PeerInsights : 5
  • Target Audience : Small to large organizations, but designed for internal employee use, not external customers
  • Notable features : regular Samange updates; designed around ITIL
  • Pricing: For a team account, you will pay a monthly fee of $29 per agent and $0.40 per device. A merchant account, designed for growing businesses, comes with a monthly fee of $59 per agent and $0.50 per device. The Professional Account , which is a customizable service for mature IT organizations, costs $79 per month, per user, with a fee of $0.60 per device.


ServiceNow offers a cloud-hosted IT management platform that helps companies manage and maintain their IT infrastructure. It provides deeper insights into incidents and depreciation across the organization, in addition to call center management. It is designed to help streamline complex IT environments and provide insights through neat, elegant reports that can be customized.

ServiceNow’s IT management software is targeted at larger organizations with complex IT environments. The navigation interface isn’t as intuitive or user-friendly as the others on this list, and because it comes with a lot of features, you’ll have to take the time to figure out which ones suit your needs.

  • Gartner PeerInsights : 4.1
  • Target audience : larger organizations with complex IT infrastructures
  • Outstanding features : organizes incidents so you can find common issues or problems
  • Prices : You will have to get in touch with ServiceNow for pricing details for your organization.

SolarWinds Web Help Desk

SolarWinds Web Help Desk is a feature-rich ITSM service covering ticketing, IT assets, knowledge and change management. The software can support complex environments with options to integrate third-party tools for IT asset management, FIPS 140-2 compliance and security, and a focus on maintaining customer satisfaction.

Despite the number of features offered by SolarWinds, the user interface is still simple to navigate and relatively intuitive. But while simple to navigate, it’s not as elegant as other options and the iOS app lacks features and functionality.

  • Gartner PeerInsights : 4.4
  • Target audience : small to large organizations with complex IT service management needs for employees and external customers
  • Notable Features : Compliance and security support; third party integrations
  • Pricing : Pricing starts at US$700 per license, for one to five technicians, and goes up to US$580 per license, for 76 to 100 technicians. If you need to equip more than 100 technical, between in contact with SolarWinds for custom pricing .


What makes Spiceworks ITSM software unique is that it is free. It allows IT departments to run a comprehensive ticket system, customizable to specific business needs. You’ll have to deal with some ads, but they’re not intrusive and ultimately seem like a fair trade-off for the free services.

The user interface is easy to navigate, but not as intuitive as other services. The mobile app, however, is well designed and easy to navigate. Spiceworks software is offered in the cloud or as a hosted service, so you may want to review your needs to see which option is best for you. The cloud service is easy to set up and use, but the self-hosted service gives IT departments more control.

  • Gartner PeerInsights : 4.3
  • Target Audience : Any organization that needs a cost-effective way to manage an IT help desk
  • Notable Features : Free and offers option to self-host or use cloud service
  • Prices : Every plan offered by Spiceworks is free , with the options of individual, team, business or personalized plans. The service includes advertisements.


TOPdesk offers a variety of features including change and release management, dashboards and reporting, incident and asset management, a self-service portal, problem management and resource management. It also includes operations, knowledge and resource management, plus vendor service level management to help manage service contracts.

TOPDesk does not offer the most modern user interface, but it is simple and easy to navigate. You can use the service to create reports for all KPIs and to help manage workloads across the IT department. It is feature-rich software that also integrates seamlessly with ITIL.

  • Gartner PeerInsights : 4.7 stars
  • Target audience : small to medium organizations
  • Notable features : ITIL integration; vendor service level management capabilities
  • Price : TOPdesk offers two tiers – the core, which targets smaller IT teams, and the mature process tier, which targets the larger HR and IT departments. Pricing is available upon request and fees depend on your business needs.


Zendesk is an easy-to-use, comprehensive IT ticketing system that is also easy to implement and maintain. Send updates regularly and add new features so the product can grow with your business.

The Zendesk suite includes Support, Guide, Chat and Talk – you can purchase the entire suite or purchase each service separately. Support helps you track and resolve customer support needs; Guide helps you provide self-service answers to customers; Chat allows you to engage in real-time with customers; and Talk helps you provide phone support and virtually resolve customer issues.

  • Gartner PeerInsight : 4.4
  • Target audience : small to medium organizations
  • Notable features : simple pricing and customization options
  • Pricing : The entire Zendesk suite (including Support, Guide, Chat and Talk) starts at $89 per user per month, but you can also choose individual services provided in the suite . The monthly Support fee ranges from $5 to $200 per user; Guide, $29 with unlimited users; $59 for chat; and $89 for Talk.
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