NetSuite ERP System: 100% cloud business management for your company

Netsuite ERP - Oracle

The NetSuite ERP system is an integrative platform for business management solutions for your business. Stored 100% in the cloud, it is an integrated ERP system that simplifies mission-critical processes and reduces IT costs.

The NetSuite system stands out for being an agile project management, business and commercial management platform in order to scale and prepare your business and it evolves according to the needs of your company, whether small, medium or large.

Besides the advantage of cloud storage, the NetSuite ERP is a complete and easy usability tool that enables organizing the information of your company, direct their business strategies and, especially, improve business management approaching the existing departments in the way of business that everyone gets the same information and work in concert.

NetSuite ERP provides more profitability for your business and reduces the occurrence of internal errors, through precise tools that identify the main points to be improved in your company’s business management, as it reviews deadlines and resource needs. It is also important to mention the huge integration within the software, which includes an ERP system together with a CRM system, E-commerce and project management for the back office.

According to a survey carried out by the consulting company Gartner, the NetSuite ERP business management solution is the fastest growing ERP system in the world. Check the data in the chart below .

What are the benefits and advantages of the NetSuite ERP System?

Among the benefits and advantages generated by the ERP NetSuite system, we can mention the saving of time and efforts with the reduction of costs, resource management, agility and punctuality in the delivery of projects and an increase in revenue.

These are extremely important aspects for business management and are measured thanks to precise tools that provide a real-time performance view and the metrics necessary for your success.

The NetSuite ERP system represents an innovation in the universe of ERP systems, considering all its competing software.

Oracle’s 100% cloud technology is totally focused on the development of your business, providing a tool that adapts to your needs.

In addition, NetSuite ERP provides the necessary insights and guidance for the business management and development of each area and stage, offering essential support for the effectiveness of your planning and decision-making in business processes.


With the NetSuite ERP system , it is possible to manage financial information through reports that organize functions such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales invoicing, payroll and local operations within the national territory, which speeds up the business process management and it allows companies to organize their departments much more dynamically.


This makes it possible to maintain the performance of your business management, with the instant migration of information to the new version, without compromising ongoing business processes, so that your company does not lose data and work with great security and agility, without interruptions.

Automate your professional services with NetSuite SRP

In order to simplify your company’s business processes, NetSuite SRP offers features that will revolutionize your business processes, as well as organize all your functions and sectors.

The NetSuite SRP automates accounting and project management, resources, timesheets and expenses.

It offers advanced functionalities for sales, service management, and financial management that reduce labor time, increase on-time project deliveries, improve invoicing accuracy, simplify revenue recognition, and increase visibility across service organizations .

Why should I purchase NetSuite ERP System for my company?


The ERP system NetSuite helps you manage the processes business management and project the growth of your business agile and flexible, adapting to the changes that may affect the business plan’s progress and direct the focus for innovation and discovering new markets.

An important advantage of this ERP system of cloud computing from Oracle is the fact that the software offer solutions for your business according to the characteristics and needs of your business, enabling you to quickly develop small businesses into a single unified system.


The Oracle is a very solid company in the market with 20 years of experience in business management , project management and business management with ERP NetSuite and also has a portfolio of 40,000 customers spread across all sectors, types of company and parts of the world.

In addition, NetSuite ERP is the number 1 solution in the world for the growth of your business, besides organizing your financial and accounting management with updated information, which generates fast and accurate results in the performance of your activities.


The NetSuite ERP system is fully customizable cloud computing software and the user configures the platform according to their needs and business goals, organizing functions through business process flows, metrics and value-based dashboards.

This system is prepared to scale business in all sectors, that is, it provides customized interfaces according to their respective tasks and functions and provides important resources to meet the needs of each sector, such as native flow options for business management, which offer a huge growth opportunity for small businesses, for example


The NetSuite ERP System presents a complete solution for commercial management with specific CRM and e-commerce tools , in addition to offering financial management resources that accompany each stage of your company’s growth. These solutions offer high scalability and prepare your company to face all stages of your business process, with the goal of achieving long-term success.

Discover NetSuite ERP, NetSuite CRM, NetSuite Project Management and NetSuite SuiteCommerce solutions


The NetSuite ERP provides the only business management solution based on projects and products that combines the functions of an ERP system sophisticated automation with professional services to meet business requirements and the needs of companies products and services on the same system.

The NetSuite SRP automates accounting and project management, resources, timesheets and expenses, all essential to an efficient process of business management . It offers advanced functionalities important to business management, for example, sales, service management and finance that reduce labor time, increase project delivery timeliness, improve invoice accuracy, simplify revenue recognition and increase visibility in service organizations.


The NetSuite ERP is a solution of cloud computing which allows companies to automate processes and manage activities CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in various divisions and subsidiaries. It provides management and global visibility into every aspect of CRM.

The NetSuite CRM is a comprehensive tool for business management that automates business processes and allows you to organize, significantly, the customer purchase journey by optimizing the relationship with him, considering all stages of the sales funnel, preparing them to max conversion, nutrition and sales.


The secure and scalable platform SuiteCloud the NetSuite ERP provides customization and extensibility that make NetSuite ERP the platform project management ideal for their current and future needs.

The SuiteCloud consists of a cloud computing system that offers a wide range of applications and development tools , and provides the necessary infrastructure for the modern enterprise. It includes essential factors for efficient project management , including support for market standards of availability, disaster & recovery .

Also, it’s important to say that it includes APIs and an integrated development environment for building applications on the platform. With SuiteApps , customers have access to an online marketplace of value-added cloud computing solutions that leverage project management , targeted business processes, and address specific industry needs.


The NetSuite SuiteCommerce is a solution of cloud computing that enables retailers, manufacturers and distributors to connect all parts of the e-commerce multi – channel and units, from order management to the areas of merchandising, marketing, inventory, finance and customer support .

With an advanced online store that allows you to create a unique, multi-device-optimized shopping experience, NetSuite SuiteCommerce empowers businesses to manage multiple virtual, physical, social and mobile stores, all from a unified and stored commerce platform cloud that provides unprecedented visibility into business and customers.


The NetSuite ERP is an integrated ERP fully stored in cloud ideal for enterprise management of multinationals.

In addition to projects rollout , the GRVPPE Solvit also has localization projects Brazil ‘s NetSuite ERP . Have an ERP system fully adapted to Brazilian rules, such as: integration according to local legislation, income tax calculations, commercial management and more, which brings our customers many benefits and makes the software fully compliant with their needs from the market.

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