Why Should Seniors Consider Life Insurance?

senior insurance

Hiring insurance is important at any time in life. After all, this service not only increases the security of the insured and his family but also reserves several benefits for those who hire him, such as home services and discounts. Are you already interested? For people over 61, the situation is no different, so it is safe for seniors and important.

Doing so is a way to protect loved ones in the event of death, to have reimbursement in cases of disability due to accidents, and also to count on important advantages, such as discounts on medications. Yes, you can safely age!

Seniors between 61 and 70 years old can, for example, take out life insurance for senior disability, which offers compensation in the event of an accident that causes total and permanent disability. For those up to 85 years of age, there is still the possibility of resorting to funeral insurance to support the family in such a delicate moment.

How safe is it for the seniors?

Coverages and assistance offered

One of the main advantages of taking out insurance for the elderly is having access to coverage and assistance essential for this time of life. Among the products offered by insurance companies to people over 60 years of age are covered for death, disability, accidents, permanent and temporary injuries.

For those who want extra protection for themselves and their family, it is possible to hire specific assistance, such as transport services, funeral plans and coverage for serious illnesses, among other possibilities.

Understanding your needs is the first step to making the most of what senior insurance has to offer. By knowing exactly the type of protection you are looking for, it is much easier to ensure that the contracted product meets your demands and expectations.

Reimbursement in the event of death

Among the product options available in the senior insurance market are those that offer reimbursement in the event of death. This is a characteristic that can be important for those who do not want to leave their family unprotected in the future.

When hiring life insurance, it is possible to fill out or not who will benefit from the indemnity in case of death. Leaving the field blank, the amount will be paid to legal heirs, as provided by the Civil Code. The spouse receives 50% of the compensation and the rest is divided between the children.

The best way to guarantee that the indemnity will be received by whomever you want is to indicate the beneficiaries in the respective fields of the form. Thus, you can be sure that the amount of insurance will be paid directly to the persons appointed, in the proportion that you think is fair.

Reimbursement in cases of disability

Another product available on the market is senior disability life insurance. When contracting this service, specifically aimed at those over 60 years old, the insured has protection against accidents, with the receipt of an indemnity if the event leads to total and permanent disability.

In practice, this means that if the insured person suffers an accident covered by the contracted policy that leads to the total loss of an organ or a member, so that he can no longer work, he will receive compensation.

Funeral service assistance

Taking out insurance for the elderly is also important to provide assistance to the family in difficult times. In this sense, the contracting of additional coverages, such as individual funeral assistance or family funeral assistance insurance, is an option that cannot fail to be considered.

In the first type of coverage, there is the payment of funeral expenses in case of death of the contractor, depending on the type of closed plan. Meanwhile, with family funeral assistance insurance, the insurer bears the funeral expenses in the event of the death of the contractor, husband, wife or dependents under the age of 21.

Investing in hiring this type of additional insurance coverage for the elderly is a way of offering support to the family in one of the most delicate moments of life.

Discounts on medications

Many insurance for the elderly still offer other types of important benefits at this stage of life, such as the possibility of obtaining discounts on medications and referrals from health professionals for specific cases, such as home care, physiotherapists and nurses.

This is an important advantage when considering that, after the age of 60, spending on medicines and doctors tends to increase considerably. And believe me: in some plans, there is still nutritional assistance and indication of specialized services. As many insurance companies offer these benefits free of charge, depending on the plan hired by the elderly, it is good to ask about these possibilities.

Home care services

Who has never needed professional services like electricians and plumbers at home? Did you know that, in many insurance plans for the elderly, it is possible to have access to even residential assistance? This includes locksmith, electrician, bricklayer, glazier and plumber services, among others.

This benefit is especially useful for those who do not have the time or energy to take care of minor repairs at home. In addition to being simple to use the professionals indicated by the insurance company, the contractor also has the security of having access to qualified providers. Doesn’t it look great?

Tranquility to enjoy life

Finally, one of the main reasons for investing in insurance for seniors is the tranquility to enjoy this phase of life. When hiring a service of this type, you have the assurance that the elderly and their family will be supported (including financially) in extreme cases, such as in the occurrence of serious accidents or even death.

In addition, by having access to benefits such as discounts on medications and residential assistance, you save money and can still use the time to be with the one you love, without having to worry about the small daily repairs!

It is therefore essential to invest in insurance for the elderly. Consider the service in your family budget and get ready to enjoy this phase of life without any major concerns about your future or the well-being of your family!

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