Vegan athletes: how to get protein from vegetable sources

Vegan athletes: how to get protein from vegetable sources

Diets are important allies for those who are investing in a new lifestyle. Among the main nutrients on the menu, we must highlight protein, which is mainly responsible for muscle building. We can see that the increase in vegan practices is remarkable, so we must understand why this occurs and how it should be done. Below we have separated some nutrition tips with vegetable protein. 

What is veganism?

The vegan lifestyle is not only the adoption of a meal free from any food source animal origin (meat, poultry or fish as well as egg, milk, honey), but not using any products that have animal origin such as bags, robes, accessories, and more.

Why become vegan?

We know that troubled routines and inattention to food are the reasons for the increased incidence of cases of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other diseases associated with cardiovascular risks. These are factors that take patients to the doctor. Some studies have shown that changing habits for veganism is justified by achieving a better quality of life and preventing diseases.

The benefits of replacing animal protein with vegetable protein can be diverse and applied to any audience. Proteins of animal origin can be replaced, mainly by those who invest in nutrition, to ensure the recovery and development of muscle. Vegetarian proteins must be combined with each other to become suitable in terms of the supply of nutrients such as animal protein, and the portions must be appropriate for each individual and their real needs.

Digestibility of plant protein

The digestion of proteins of plant origin is faster, however the amounts offered in the diet must be greater than the amount offered of animal protein so that the body can absorb enough nutrients to supply the necessary contribution for physical performance and ensure muscle hypertrophy.

Attention should not be diverted when it comes to essential amino acids, as they favor protein synthesis in muscles. Foods of plant origin are not complete in essential amino acids, to understand, let’s give an example of the combination rice and beans: lysine and methionine are types of essential amino acids, rice is rich in methionine but is low in lysine, and beans are rich in lysine and low in methionine. Thus, in order to have a balanced diet in essential amino acids, it is necessary to combine different sources of vegetable protein in the same meal.

Complete nutrition

Attention should be paid to the replacement of protein sources, but it is necessary to carefully analyze the entire menu, as the other nutrients cannot be overlooked, since they are also essential to guarantee the necessary energy for training and muscle reconstruction.

Combine vegetable protein with foods rich in good fats (omega 3), vitamins C, D, B and minerals, such as Calcium, Iron, Zinc, and others.

Vegan Supplementation

The ideal is to guarantee nutrients from food, but if necessary, adopt a safe supplementation that will overcome or prevent deficiencies. The choice of contributions must be evaluated by qualified professionals, therefore, medical or nutritional guidance is essential.

It is not possible to say that vegetable protein is the main or only responsible for the benefits of a more efficient vegan nutrition. The effects of good hypertrophy are obtained only through the adoption of healthy habits and a completely balanced diet. Combine a balanced menu with vegetable proteins, add it with regular exercise and ideal rest. After a period, you may notice several effects, such as better mood, better sleep quality, and better, more physical resistance for your day-to-day activities.

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