List of foods rich in Zinc you should add to your diet

10 zinc-rich foods you should add to your diet

Did you know that zinc is one of the essential minerals to maintain health? To begin with, one of its main functions is to protect our immune system, but it doesn’t stop there: it also has a healing action, can help regulate the menstrual cycle and also acts on cell division and growth. With so many benefits, you can already understand the importance of investing in a menu with a lot of zinc, right? Therefore, we have listed 10 foods rich in this nutrient for you to increase your diet now. Take a look:

1. Dark chocolate

For lovers of sweets, good news: you can also invest in a treat to get more zinc. Dark chocolate, loved by some and hated by others, is also one of the sources of the mineral: in 100 grams, it contains 9.6 mg of the nutrient.

2. Flax seeds

Available in brown and gold versions, flaxseed has 6% zinc in its composition – in addition to also being rich in omega 3. At the time of consumption, to make better use of its nutrients and not hinder the digestive process, the tip is to grind the seed instead of eating it in its shell.

3. Oysters

With 91 mg of zinc in a 100-gram serving, oysters appear as a major source of the mineral. But, so that there is no overdose of this nutrient in the body – which can result in copper deficiency – it is worth remembering the importance of eating this seafood in moderation.

4. Shrimp

Another seafood that also has zinc is shrimp – but in it, the nutrient appears in a much smaller amount than in oysters (1.34 mg in 100 grams). At the time of consumption, try exchanging the fried version for the steamed version, which is healthier.

5. Egg yolk

A lot of people ignore the yolk of the egg and only get the egg white because it is rich in cholesterol. But in fact, its moderate consumption can also bring health benefits – such as contributing to the increase in the amount of zinc in the body. The amount is 5 mg for every 100 grams.

6. Whole milk

In addition to being rich in calcium and vitamins and giving more energy to the body, milk also has the benefits of zinc: each 240 grams has 1 mg of the nutrient. So try to invest in at least one cup of the dairy for breakfast and an afternoon snack to help replace the substance.

7. Peanut

One of the most popular appetizers, peanuts also help to increase the amount of zinc in the body: for every 100 grams, you get 1.06 mg of the nutrient. In addition, it is worth remembering that it still helps to protect the nervous system by having vitamin B3 – also known as niacin – in its composition.

8. Cashew nuts

The cashew nut is already known for being one of the oilseeds that offers the most health benefits – such as controlling blood pressure, fighting cancer cells and strengthening bones, for example. But did you know that it also makes the immune system more resistant because it is a great source of zinc? 100 grams have 5.75 mg of the nutrient.

9. Watermelon seeds

Another way to get more zinc is through watermelon seeds, as they contain 10 mg of zinc for every 100 grams of the food. Consumption can be fresh as long as they are well crushed, but you can also use them to make tea or even flour.

10. Beans

It is no wonder that beans are recommended as one of the indispensable foods to improve the immune system. It is that in addition to being a source of iron, potassium and rich in proteins, it also increases the amount of zinc in the body. For every 100 grams, you get 2.30 mg of the nutrient!

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